Maria and Mike in the all important kitchen
Maria and Mike in the all important kitchen

Show-stopping kitchen is a deal-maker for house buyers

When David Wilson Homes released research earlier this year showing that the kitchen is the most important room in the house, one homeowner in Bristol couldn’t agree more.

Marie Insley, 26, is settling into her now home at the company’s Autumn Brook development and says the kitchen was the deal-breaker that led her to buy the three-bedroom house.

“I work for Symphony, which supplies the kitchens for all the David Wilson Homes in the South West and said I didn’t want to buy a house that didn’t have a Symphony kitchen!” she said. “It’s such an important room and working for Symphony I knew it would be the best of the best. I love the big bay glass window at the end, it makes it so light.”

Kitchen is key to a new home

Marie isn’t alone in her passion for kitchens. Research undertaken by David Wilson Homes shows that 41 per cent of home owners cite it as the most pivotal room in the house.

The kitchen also came out on top when home owners were asked what they would like in their homes if money were no object. A 42 per cent said they would like an “amazing kitchen and gadgets”, putting it higher on the wish list than a home cinema (26 per cent), in-house gym (23 per cent) or music room (14 per cent).

It’s not just the kitchen Marie is a fan of in her new house. She often works from home and finds the ground floor study a useful addition. She and her partner, Mike Buckingham, relocated from Sheffield to buy their new home at Autumn Brook and found the switch an easy process.

“We wanted to be closer to our families and both of our employers made it really easy for us to relocate,” said Marie. “Mike works for Mott MacDonald as a civil engineer and they arranged for him to relocate to the Bristol office. There’s a brilliant cycle park that goes right from Autumn Brook to the city so now he cycles to work every day.”

Help to Buy scheme

Marie and Mike rented an apartment together before moving to Bristol but managed to buy their home at Autumn Brook by taking advantage of the Government’s Help to Buy Scheme, which allowed them to purchase with just over a six per cent deposit.

The Help to Buy scheme is available on all new-build homes up to £600,000 and buyers can become owners with just a five per cent deposit of the property value of their new home.

Many lenders are able to offer a loan-to-value mortgage because the UK Government provides a guarantee of up to 15 per cent.

Mike said: “We heard that it took a lot of paper work but it was really easy. It took us an hour to fill out a form on a Saturday and we had the confirmation on the Monday.”

“It’s so nice to know that our monthly payments are chipping into our mortgage now, rather than going to someone else in rent,” Marie echoed.

Buying a new home rather than an older property is also having financial benefits for the couple. Research shows David Wilson Homes are between 45 and 55 per cent more energy efficient than the same sized older homes, meaning residents can save a staggering £1,312 a year on the energy bills, and Marie and Mike also have the peace of mind of David Wilson Homes’ 10-year warranty.

“The fact that it was a new home made it so easy to move in,” Marie said. “Everything was clean and we were just able to get on with it. The people we meet in the area are all really excited about their new homes. There’s a real sense of community and we’ve made so many friends.”