Bordon couple settle into first home thanks to Help to Buy

The Government’s Help to Buy Scheme has helped thousands of people get onto or move up the housing ladder since its inception. In East Hampshire alone, 799 people have used the scheme since it was launched in April 2013.

Among those to have taken advantage of the scheme recently is local couple Abi Scott (20) and Connor Burdett (23), who have bought their first home in Bordon thanks to Barratt Homes and Help to Buy.

Abi, who works as a sales administrator, says: “We do count ourselves very lucky to be on the housing ladder at our age. It’s the biggest purchase you’ll ever make in your life but if you are able to save hard and access the right information, it is possible to do in your 20s and that’s what we found.”

Abi and Connor, who have been together for just over four years, took advantage of all the advice Barratt Homes had to offer when they visited its New Quarter development in Bordon. “We had seen all of the new developments in the town but much preferred the look and location of New Quarter,” said factory manager Connor. “We chose Barratt Homes because they offered some great incentives and really affordable homes which looked amazing. I really liked the layout and the design.”


Mortgage advice

Through Barratt Homes the couple met the team from Torc24, which specialises in giving mortgage advice to potential buyers – especially those looking at new build properties. They learnt how they could afford much more than they had originally expected.

“It turned out that between the great mortgage rates from Torc24 and the amazing deal from Barratt Homes, we could actually afford a three bedroom semi detached home. We could even afford it without using Help to Buy, but we decided to use it so that we’d have to lay down less of a deposit. That gave us more budget to afford the other important things for our first home, like furniture, white goods and things.”


The Help to Buy scheme

Help to Buy allows any homebuyer to secure a brand-new home under the value of £600,000 with just a five per cent deposit. The government lends the buyer 20 per cent of the value of the property in the form of an interest free equity loan for five years, meaning that buyers then gain access to some of the great mortgage rates currently available with just a 75 per cent mortgage. Available to all homebuyers, not just first timers, the scheme helps anyone looking for a boost up the property ladder.

“With the help of the team at Barratt and Torc24 we had an amazing experience and it all went so smoothly,” Abi said. “When you’re young and it’s your first time buying a house, it can be daunting dealing with solicitors, mortgage brokers and all these big transactions but it’s also very exciting. My advice to any young people looking to get on the ladder would be to do your research and don’t be afraid to ask people for advice. Finding out about Help to Buy has helped us afford a home that would last us for life.”