Life hacks – hiding cables around the home

The increase in mobiles, tablets, laptops, fitness devices and sound equipment means that we have never had so many cables around the home so this week we’re taking a look at how to hide as many of those meddlesome cables as possible. There’s always going to be a few which are impossible to disguise but with these life hacks there are plenty that can be hidden from view.

Box it up

It’s simple, but it works – hide cables in a box.


This Romma cable box from Ikea keeps the room looking neat and uncluttered as you can hide the cables, socket and extension lead in the box while charging your devices.

If you want something that fits in with your style, you can easily make your own. Use decorative cardboard boxes to disguise chargers and extension leads.

This great idea is from blogger, full instructions detailing how to make one can be found on its blog.


Don’t skirt around the issue

Maplin provides this great way to contain cabling that fixes on to your existing skirting board.

It also stops any members of the household tripping on or chewing through loose cables.

£14.99 for three metres, from Maplin.


Dangling dramas

Wall mounted televisions are very popular and are a great way to make use of the space in your home.

If you can’t hide the television cables in the wall, don’t let those dangling cables put you off. With a little bit of camouflage cables can easily be made to be far less noticeable.

For cables that go round a fireplace there’s a brilliant tutorial on how to make a cable sleeve from

But, if your cables hang straight down have a look at this great tutorial from

This innovative approach shows you how to make a fabric frame that mounts on the wall covering those pesky cables.

You can use any fabric to make this, so it’s easy to match this into your existing home style.


By hook or by crook

Screw in hooks are your new best friend. These can be used on the underside of desks so a basket can be hooked on to conceal extension leads.

This idea is from Buzzfeed and we think it’s an excellent way to manage computer cables.


Dedicate a drawer

Clear out a drawer and convert it into a charging space for mobiles, tablets and laptops by adding an extension cable.

charging drawer

This neat idea from LGB Interiors keeps devices out of the way and charged up.