Getting the monochrome look

A perfect palette to experiment with different textures and accessories – the monochrome interiors trend is always fresh and striking.

This approach to styling is incredibly versatile, lending a distinctive, harmonious effect to the home. Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture Choice shares 3 tips on creating a modern monochrome space.


1. Go for strong black silhouettes

As a fail-safe colour combination, black and white not only balance each other out, but also make for  a versatile pairing that also perfectly sets up other elements that could inject a bit of quirk and personality.


“Black can be used to highlight a special part of the room,” Rebecca says. “For the living room, a chic black sofa juxtaposed against a modern coffee table sets the scene for an elegant and sophisticated space.”


2. Mix black and white designs

The dining room can also be another focus point to mix black and white together. As Rebecca advises: “Pair a white dining table together with black dining chairs for a glamorous effect. The colour contrast creates an effortless yet classic look.”


Decorating with art pieces is an easy way to enjoy the monochrome look without making a huge commitment. “Black and white drawings or photography are great accents, and can be moved to a different part of the home should you wish to swap out your gallery wall,” suggests Rebecca. “Black frames also offer a subtle pop of contrast against white or grey walls, perfect if you’re looking to make an artistic statement.”



3. Style with grey and soft neutrals

With the wellness approach interior trend in full swing, grey is the go-to shade for a relaxing and timeless feel in the home thanks to its calming qualities.

“When it comes to  the bedroom, make your monochrome space look comfy and homely by experimenting with different textures. Thick woollen throws on the bed in grey or beige shades will soften the overall aesthetic and keep things cosy and warm.”