Something for the birds in your garden this Christmas

As the days are getting colder, our wildlife is getting hungrier. Boxwild has created the greatest Christmas gift boxes for all feathered fans this festive period.

Christmas is all about charity, so it is important to give the gift of food and shelter to the birds in your garden. Boxwild’s Bird House Gift Box features a beautiful watering can nesting box, which is perfect for keeping the birds warm on those frosty nights. The box also contains a bird seed blend, a seed feeder, a seed scoop and a coco feeder. So, take a sneak ‘beak’ at the birds in your garden as they enjoy optimum nutrition and a luxurious nest.
If you already have a nest for your birds and are looking for table and ground feeding, then this Blackbird Feeder Gift Box is ideal. Get a birds-eye view of the Blackbirds eating the Blackbird seed blend, the Boxwild regular seed blend and the All Seasons seed blend in your garden. This box also comes with a bird seed feeder, so you can start your own bird cafe. If you don’t have any Blackbirds roaming about your grounds but you know someone that does, then be a good egg and gift them this Blackbird Feeder Box.

If you love inviting insects as well as birds into your garden, then the Birds & The Bees Gift Box is for you. Featuring a stunning charcoal stained wooden Insect Hotel that can create a sanctuary for lacewings, ladybirds, butterflies and solitary bees, this is sure to get your kids excited about nature. The box also contains a regular Boxwild bird seed blend, a seed feeder and a seed scoop to satiate your resident squawkers. ‘Hoot’ have thought the birds and the bees would be living in such harmony!

Bird House Gift Box, Watering Can- £35.00
Blackbird Feeder Gift Box- £20.00
The Birds & The Bees Gift Box- £40.00