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Wallpaper design trends for 2020

Adding decorative wallpaper to our walls add great design features to your home, and can transform a room to be a completely different space. But what are the upcoming wallpaper design trends for next year?

It’s going to get bolder and more adventurous – all about botanical designs, a metallic twist on geometric patterns, and applying wallpaper in the bathroom according to trend specialists Graham & Brown.

“Although a classic will never go out of style, we will see people become bolder and more adventurous with not only their wallpaper choices in 2020, but how they use their wallpaper,” says Paula Taylor, Design & Colour Trend Specialist at Graham & Brown.


Colours and patterns

Wellness continues to be a trend, so our love for botanical designs will feed into this, bringing the outside in and creating a sense of calm. Colour-wise green will be the colour of choice, although slightly punchier than the muted shades, and this will be further complemented by earthy tones.

Kirsty Mole, Category Manager for Décor at B&Q, says geometric wallpaper will continue in 2020 and take on a shiny new twist with shades of rose, silver and gold.


Magnetic Seasons Wallpaper Tropical Bloom – Sian Zeng


Where does wallpaper go?

Wallpaper isn’t just for one ‘feature wall’ in our lounge, we’re going to get more adventurous.

“Wallpaper is no longer just for the walls but can be used to create a stunning statement ceiling. We are also using wallpaper in a similar vein to how we would use paint, and not being held back by room limitations and what is regarded as ‘the norm’,” says Paula Taylor.

Other rooms popular to decorate will be the bathroom for added features.


Dark tropical leaves mural – wallsauce.com