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Get one step ahead for your Christmas dinner

The warm fuzzy feeling of standing in your own kitchen cooking a lovely feast isn’t quite the same on Christmas Day. With family arriving at the same time and Christmas presents to organise, the more you can prepare in advance, the less stressful the day will become.

So rather than worry about brussels sprouts, peeling carrots and pasting the turkey, we have gathered some top tips on preparing your Christmas food early, so you can enjoy a glass of wine in the comfort of your own home instead.


Get prepping, get freezing, get ready …

  • Make your stuffing 24 hours in advance and refrigerate it. Fry onions and celery for 15 minutes, add breadcrumbs that have had an hour to soak up full-fat milk, add in an egg or two and use butcher’s sausage meat.
  • Get gravy’ing! You can make your gravy up to a few weeks in advance and freeze it. Jamie Oliver has a great recipe to follow. If frozen, take it out to defrost when the turkey goes in the oven. When the turkey is perfectly cooked, get the gravy in with the rest of the juices.
  • Pre-cook pigs in blankets. Put them in a roasting tin as soon as they’ve cooled then cover with cling film while still in the tin, then defrost overnight and warm up for ten minutes in a hot oven on the day itself.
  • Vegetables – boiled vegetables can be frozen, but can go mushy. Instead chop and paraboil them the day before. Then try and oven roast the carrots with cumin and honey in ten minutes on the day. Add paraboiled parsnips rolled in parmesan to keep crisp.
  • Yorkshire puddings can be frozen and re-heated on the day in just three minutes. Make sure that you leave the batter in the fridge overnight before preparing the Yorkshires. When cooled they can be frozen in plastic bags.

This gives you just the meat to worry about on Christmas Day and plenty of time to enjoy the festivities in the comfort of your home surrounded by your loved ones. So get prepared and enjoy the yuletide fun that you will now have plenty of time for…

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