A clean and clutter free home with limited time

Keeping our homes clean and tidy often feels like a lot of effort when we have a number of other priorities going on in our lives. Whether it’s a busy week at work, keeping the children entertained or making time to see our friends and family, keeping our homes clean and clutter free is often put off for ‘another time’.

We all long for a ‘show home’ worthy house on occasion, but making sure it’s anywhere near this impossible target can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle.

That’s why a list of tasks we can carry out in small pockets of time, published by The Guardian, is a great help. Cleaning experts Rachel Burditt and Aggie MacKenzie explain in their article, Time to tidy up.


How much time do you have?

With only three minutes to spare, you could get the kids to help tidy their toys while their favourite song plays.

With five minutes spare, tackle that junk drawer. We all have one and once it’s sorted through, we can immediately feel a little bit better about our ‘disorganised’ lives.

Ten minutes could be used to tackle any marks on walls that have been bothering you, or for a quick once over of the bathroom before you have visitors arriving.

Half an hour for sorting out a kitchen cupboard. And if you do a cupboard at a time, the kitchen could be sorted within the week!

If you have an hour, clean the oven perhaps. It’s never something we look forward to but rather than while an hour away zoning out to Netflix, make sure your oven is at its sparkly best and you’ll be able to save its next clean for at least a month.

And, if you do happen to have a whole day free, you’ll have enough time to take on your clutter by category the Marie Kondo way! Gather all the items in each category (books, clothes etc) in one place to sort. It will look like an impossible job to begin with but the end result is that the whole house is tidy and decluttered.