Easy ways to add interior trends in Cardiff

It is easy to find a colour scheme for your home but, what happens when new trends come along?

Here in the Holden at St James’ Gardens in Cowbridge, Cardiff, we look at how to easily add the latest trends to each room while balancing a colour scheme.

Pick your colours

A coordinated home requires a little thought ahead of getting started. In the Holden there’s a strong blue and brown theme.

The key here is to pick colours from within your tone of blue to make each room look different but, at the same time connected.


This can be tricky and the trend tends to come and go. So, if you are not sure you want to commit to the trend there is one very easy way to add it to your home and that is by adding fresh or fake flowers.

In the living room of the Holden house type, a giant orchid takes centre stage in the big bay window. These require minimal upkeep, apart from the occasional bit of plant food and glug of water. Orchids also like a misting, which makes you look very green fingered without the fuss!

Feature walls

Patterned feature walls are big business, busy florals and patterns are popping up everywhere at the moment.

A muted pattern wallpaper, like the one in the study, adds structure into the room but, is not too overwhelming.

Our top tip is to shop around, there is a lot of lovely patterned wallpapers in lighter shades coming out for spring and summer this year.


Structured shapes are still a top trend for 2018 and as more and more retailers recognise this the bigger and more diverse the ranges in the shops are.

Master two trends at once by getting a geometric planter and putting a succulent in it to create your dining table centre piece.


Brighten a plainer style with patterns. Keep the walls one colour and introduce bright bold patterns to draw focus to certain aspects.

In the child’s horse themed room, a gorgeous pony pattern has been used for the blind. When choosing a statement piece like this look to designers like Emma Bridgewater and Cath Kidston for classic designs.

Do not be afraid to pair it with another pattern either. The blue polka dot print keeps the room looking youthful and fun while drawing the room together.

All these items are easy to install and change as the child grows, so in a few years it will be easy to freshen the style of the room up.


The skater room already has a few easy to master trends. The patterned bed spread, the feature wall and the current popular hue of blue.

We are turning our focus to the industrial looking furniture. These pieces are both practical and stylish but, keep the room grounded with the busier prints used.


This trend is used in both the master bedroom and the spare double room. It is not a surprise either as it is a fabric that can make a room look finished, luxurious and comfortable all at once.

Velvet pillows, headboard and stools are simple but effective. Sometimes getting that luxury look does not have to be complicated.


We hope that these easy ways to add current trends give you plenty of interior inspiration. Some are so quick that you could have it bought and styled in a weekend!

This Holden house type can be found at St James’ Gardens, a new David Wilson Homes development in South Wales.



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