Decorate like a millennial

It’s not hard to see why the millennial trends of soft pink, grey and geometrics are a hit. It’s stylish, it looks luxurious and it’s a look that isn’t going to date quickly.

The Barwick at Barratt Homes’ Union Park development in Falmouth, has channelled this trend into every room.

If you want to get the look here’s how these popular trends have been used to transform this blank canvas into a sophisticated home.

Think pink

Is it salmon? Baby pink? Or candyfloss? However you describe the pastel pink tone favoured by millennials one thing that is for certain is that it’s here to stay.

It can be used to paint walls, furnishings and accessories but our advice is to not add too much of this powder pink to any room.

The key is balance and choosing one big item or several small items to introduce the colour as an accent. This way it stays chic instead of overwhelming a space.

In the living room of the Barwick the base colours are grey and beige, so the pops of pink are a welcome addition and break up the other colours.

Remember to add black to any room. It helps to bring out the true tone of other colours and helps achieve balance.

The pale greys, pinks and creams are given definition and structure through the clock, rug and other accessories that all have black details.

Oh, and don’t forget to add some succulents or air plants! Not only are these gorgeous green plants low maintenance but they will have your home looking like it should be in a Habitat catalogue. Picture perfect and right on trend!

Going grey

Grey is welcome in any shade. Compared to the specific shade of millennial pink this is far easier to introduce into your home.

Layers of different grey work well to add structure and so does adding it through patterns. In the living room you can see several shades of grey in many different patterns and textures. Our favourite is the glamourous grey velvet dining chairs.

What’s great about grey is that it matches well with so many other colours. So when the time is up for millennial pink you can easily update your home to move with the times.

Grey is also gathering popularity in the kitchen especially for cupboard doors. If you think a solid grey might be too much why not try a similar look to that in the Barwick. Here a soft grey textured unit has been used to achieve a different look.

Tiles in grey are also a great way to introduce the trend to kitchens and bathrooms. The glossy dark grey tiles seen in the Barwick main bathroom mix pattern and solid colour for contrast.


Look carefully in the two double bedrooms to see how layered up textiles plain and patterned are the key to recreating these looks.

Luxurious throws and cushions are the focus to these rooms and the curtains, which usually take a back seat, are a real feature.

Don’t be afraid to shop around to find different fabrics, remember to take pictures on your phone to match patterns and colours. Then you’re prepared for when you next see something that takes your eye!

Chunkier knitted blankets are becoming more available, thanks to Instagram, and the pink throw in the third bedroom makes it a cosy place for your child.

Also, if you want plainer fabrics then think of introducing patterns to your walls. The floral wall paper in this child’s bedroom is vibrant and complements the furnishings.


We hope this is a starting point to achieving the millennial interior of your dreams.