How to partner patterns

Patterns are often overlooked as a main theme in the home. It can be tricky to style and too much can definitely be overkill, overwhelming your home’s interiors.

The Cambridge at Penndrumm Fields in Looe has got the balance just right. The addition of other colours and furniture are key to creating structure.

Geometrics, paisley and European tile designs are used in are used in combination to create the elegant and welcoming interior in this four bedroom home from Barratt Homes.

Here we look at how pattern has been used to make this show home a show stopper.


Paisley is probably the hardest pattern to style. It dominates a room and can look more traditional.

In the master bedroom a blue paisley has been used to add depth and structure to the lighter furnishings and lilac walls.

Adding darker furniture keep busier patterns like this one from dominating the space.

Paisley is perfect for textiles and statement furniture but should be used sparingly.


This is the go to pattern for anyone who loves the current geometric trend. It’s dynamic and can be used to create many different looks.

In the living room of the Cambridge house type the geometric patterns have been used to add a modern twist to a more traditional look.

A bright and eye-catching triangle geometric rug in brown and orange is the central focus to this chic living room.

A subtle diamond geometric wallpaper has been used to create a feature wall. This is a great way of layering pattern to add structure and style to a room.

The sofas are look cosy and inviting, and the plainer style balances out the busier rug and wall paper design.

Beige doesn’t date quickly and is a great colour choice for the sofas adding warmth and luxury to the room. Jewel tone velvet cushions add a touch of luxury – it’s a perfect pairing.

With a view out across the garden the sofas are perfect for chilling with coffee and a good book, listening to music or catching up with friends. Natural light helps bring out the best in the colours and patterns.

European tiles

Achieve that Mediterranean look with tile patterns that add instant sophistication to a room.

It’s a great theme for a dining room and the feature wall enhances the beige and cream colour scheme.

Ornaments and crockery with similar patterns can pick up the theme throughout the room. It ties the space together neatly without being over the top.

The end result is an interior that rivals the ones you’ll see on Instagram. We’d like to invite friends and family for a Sunday roast at this table!

Multiple patterns

For a more vibrant room layer up different patterns in different colours.

One of the bedrooms has three patterns layered up closely, the feature wall, the head board and the bed sheets. All three have varying levels of patterns.

The feature wall is a busy pattern in a muted lilac so the headboard in the multi-coloured Spanish influenced design stands out against this. The bold colours of the head board pattern tie in well with the pink pattern of the duvet.

The rest of the furniture, carpet and blind are basic in design perfectly complementing the patterned features.

Add multiple patterns with caution, always balance it out with plainer furnishings to stop those stronger patterns from completely taking over the space.

Patterns for kids

Patterns don’t just have to be geometrics or paisley, there’s some amazing themed wallpapers on the market that will bring a child’s room to life.

An iconic skyline has been used in the Cambridge and although the pattern is busy it also has a lot of white space.

Cyclists, landmark bridges and buildings fill this wall with a fun style that will grow with your little ones.

Stripy bedding and a geometric blind in pale blues and bright reds match the pattern of the feature wall and continue the theme throughout the room.

No pattern

Don’t forget our earlier advice. Patterns are beautiful and fun but be careful not to add too much to a room. Break it up with other colours you like or have a room with little to no pattern at all.

The kitchen of the Cambridge at Penndrumm Fields is a good example of this. It picks up on the lilac colour used in the other rooms and adds a little pattern through ornaments and tea towels.


If you’re picking a patterns for your home interior, or room, we hope this advice helps you achieve your interior goals.



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