Parents spend an average of £5,000 decorating their child’s bedroom

The average amount spent by parents decorating a child’s bedroom before they reach ten, is £5,000 according to a new poll.

Next Home, who surveyed 2,000 mothers and fathers, found that £853 was spent decorating the nursery before a baby’s birth and then £900 each time the bedroom was redecorated, once or twice a year on average. This amounts to an extra £4,500 before their child reached ten.

It was also found that while 42% of those polled thought they’d spent too much decorating, 37% said they were happy as long as their little one was happy.

The furniture and colour for the room were what parents spent the longest making decisions on, with the cot/bed deemed as most important and neutral colours were the most popular choice when it came to the bedroom colour.

It’s clear that parents put a lot of time, and money, into their bundle of joy’s bedroom space, and are quite happy to do so.