Apprentices Ladden Garden Village

North Yate development helps local apprentices carve out skills

A new development in North Yate is helping local apprentices to carve out careers in construction.

David Wilson Homes’ Ladden Garden Village development is bringing 183 homes to the town. And as well as providing new homes for local people, the development is also providing opportunities for apprentices and graduates to work towards nationally-recognised qualifications.

Among them is 17-year-old Joe Mortimore from Bradley Stoke who is in the first year of his carpentry apprenticeship. He said: “I’m really enjoying my apprenticeship. It’s good to learn by actually doing things rather than just reading about them. You have that balance of learning on the job and coursework, which makes every day different.”

Also benefitting from the work opportunities that Ladden Garden Village is bringing is 19-year-old Yate resident Zac Bulmer. He is also undertaking the first year of his carpentry apprenticeship. Zac said: “I think one of the big benefits of an apprenticeship is you get to earn while you learn. At a time when there’s a lot being said about university tuition fees, that’s a real bonus. Plus you get on-site experience which is priceless.”

Once Zac and Joe complete their three-year apprenticeships they’ll have the option to continue with carpentry or work to become a site manager, like their colleague Neil Dipple, who also works at Ladden Garden Village.

Neil started his career in construction in 2013 through David Wilson Homes’ sponsored degree programme. He graduated in 2018 with a Bsc in Residential Development and Construction and is now working as a site manager.

He said: “The sponsored degree programme helps you to develop in the construction industry, combining theory learnt at university with the on-site experience working alongside tradesmen. I’d definitely recommend it.”

David Wilson Homes has a proven track record in supporting apprentices and the wider employment market. Its latest socio economic report showed that it supported 1,610 jobs last year, including 12 apprentices, graduates or trainees.

Construction director Gareth Neale, who started his career as an apprentice himself, said: “It’s an absolute pleasure to give these young people the opportunity to start a new career where they have so many opportunities to take different paths within the industry. The sky’s the limit!”

It’s estimated that David Wilson Homes’ work on Ladden Garden Village will support up to 549 jobs as it’s being built and homes sold.

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