New jobs to be created as Barratt plans new developments in the south west

Hundreds of new jobs are set to be created in Devon and Cornwall as five star housebuilder Barratt Homes announces plans for new homes in Launceston and Paignton.

More than 950 jobs are to be created  bringing a significant economic boost to the local area – thanks to plans for the new homes.

Five star housebuilder Barratt Homes says its new developments – Chapel Gate in Launceston and  Berry Acres in Paignton will provide valuable jobs for a range of trades during the construction and sales phase and will mostly be filled by local people.

The news follows reports that Barratt underpinned of 1,400 jobs in the Exeter, Devon and Cornwall area last year. And the five-star housebuilder expects the benefits to the economy to continue long after the new development is complete.

Sales director Sara Parker said: “We know that those who move to our developments are likely to spend the money they earn in local shops and on nearby services, so it’s not only the jobs market here that will see the positive effects of these new homes.

“We’re delighted the introduction of our new developments is having such a major impact on the local economy in the south west,” added Sara.  “Not only does it mean an increase in the number of much-needed homes, the local economy is benefiting too.”

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