Making your house a home after ‘move day’

There is nothing more exciting than purchasing a new house and making it your own. But it can take time to settle in.

Sainsbury’s Bank Home Insurance has released new figures showing that it takes more than six months to feel your new house has become a true home.

A quarter of Sainsbury’s shoppers asked in their survey (26%) said it takes time and money to settle in with nearly a third (29%) spending £5,000 or more on their properties in their first year of owning a new home.


Creating that ‘home-feel’ is quicker in a new build as opposed to older properties

New builds are often spacious, open-plan and can be tailored to your specifications, which means creating a homely feeling can be quicker because of newly installed fixtures and fittings and the blank canvas that is immediately ready for a personalised stamp.

What else creates that warm and homely feeling? Typical activities mentioned in the survey include: displaying pictures and photographs (52%), installing a new kitchen or bathroom (21%) and painting the walls (18%). Other key milestones for feeling at home include hosting friends or family for the first time (30%) and unpacking the final box (29%).


Tips on turning your house into a home on budget

If you’re running low on funds:

  • Be inspired: Start creating Pinterest boards and follow bloggers to gather ideas on how to decorate your new home on a budget.
  • Quick wins: If you’re exhausted after moving, think about the quick wins that will have an immediate impact on how homely your property feels, such as putting up lampshades and adding throws to a sofa.
  • Add some greenery: Grow some plants or herbs in your kitchen to boost the vibrancy of your new home.
  • Say hello to your neighbours: Feeling part of the community from the get-go will provide you with more positive associations with your home.