Local pet rescue charity celebrates Community Fund boost

Holly Hedge in Barrow Gurney has received a boost thanks to a donation from David Wilson Homes.

The animal sanctuary is a local independent charity that rescues and re-homes unwanted, abandoned and often mistreated cats and dogs. It receives no Government or National Lottery funding and relies on the generosity and goodwill of its supporters to keep its kennel and cattery doors open.

Now the charity has been chosen as one of the recipients of David Wilson Homes’ Community Fund – which donates £1000 each month to an organisation improving the quality of life for those living in the region.

“This is our pledge to support those living in areas where we are helping to create new communities,” said Louise Ware from David Wilson Homes.

“It is important that we build strong relationships with local charities, clubs and organisations, so I’m delighted that we are able to support such a worthy cause here.”


Running Holly Hedge

It costs around £650,000 each year to run Holly Hedge – roughly £1,780 each day. These funds are used to rescue and re-home up to 1,000 animals annually. One such recipient is Jack – a handsome eight-year-old Jack Russell. His owner was sadly diagnosed with cancer and could no longer look after him.

“Jack is a lovely chap who loves nothing more than going out for adventures and even having a swim at the beach,” said Holly Goodwin-Sharman, from Holly Hedge. “When Jack first arrived he struggled to make other doggy friends and was a little nervous around them, but it didn’t take long for us to help him develop some social skills and build his confidence, so he was soon able to make a few friends.

“We’re delighted that within three weeks of being in our care, Jack made huge progress, and has been adopted! We are so pleased to be able to fulfil our mission to so many animals like Jack, by giving them the second chance at happiness they all deserve.

“We couldn’t help animals like Jack if it weren’t for the wonderful support from companies like David Wilson Homes. We are so grateful and touched to receive this donation. More than 92% of all donations received are used for Animal Care, so this generous donation will be put to very good use and will help us continue our vital work.”

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