Aston Martin Sycamore Chase 1

Housebuilder welcomes Aston Martin production

Barratt Homes has welcomed the long-term economic benefits a new Aston Martin factory will bring to South Wales.

Aston Martin has started producing its new SUV in St Athan, putting the area on the map and creating around 200 jobs, with a further up to 550 planned. Barratt Homes has welcomed the move and says it’s working hard to ensure high quality housing is available for those working at the new facility.

Managing director Steve Williams said: “There’s a huge talent grab taking place across a number of UK industries – including manufacturing – and for employers it’s never been more important to attract the best people to work for them.

“The availability of high-quality housing plays an important part in attracting people to work somewhere and we’re working hard to bring new homes to St Athan and the wider region of South Wales.”

The housebuilder is currently working on its Sycamore Chase development in St Athan, where it is building a range of three and four-bedroom homes and supporting around 150 jobs in the process. Across the wider region it’s bringing hundreds of new homes to South Wales.

Steve adds that the new Aston Martin factory could create a ripple effect, boosting other local businesses and attracting new ones to the area. “What we could see is somewhat of a ripple effect as other local firms like cleaning companies, shops, restaurants and service firms benefit from the addition of this new facility in St Athan. It’s something we see every time we build a development, as people who move there spend money locally. Our most recent socio economic report showed that £8.9m was spent in local shops and services by residents of our new homes across South Wales, supporting 90 retail and service-related jobs.”

The first pre-production models of the Aston Martin DBX have been rolled out this summer, with the factory expected to go into full production in 2020.

The facility is situated on an old RAF base and aims to produce 4,000 of the DBX SUVs in 2021.

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