Hogitat, Pembrook Park, Cirencester GLOS 6th April 2018

Housebuilder launches guide to boost hedgehog population

Housebuilder David Wilson Homes has launched a new guide to help boost the area’s falling hedgehog population.

As the housebuilding industry marks New Homes Week (14-18 May) the company is educating the public on how it can create a better home environment for the spiky mammals.

The guide includes practical advice on how households can encourage hedgehogs to thrive in their gardens, such as creating a wild area so the creatures can nest and feed on insects. It also includes useful facts and information about hedgehogs, which David Wilson Homes hopes will educate children and their parents on the importance of protecting the much-loved mammal.

In the last decade hedgehog numbers have declined by a third. David Wilson Homes, which is dedicated to supporting wildlife across the UK, has pledged to install hedgehog homes or ‘hogitats’ at all of its new developments in response.

Michelle Storer, sales director at David Wilson Homes in the Southampton region, said: “Hedgehogs are so well-loved by us Brits as a nation. It’s impossible to see one of the spiky creatures without raising a smile.

“We’re sad to see that numbers are falling so fast in the UK, which is why we’re doing our bit to support hedgehogs as much as we can. We hope our new guide will help others learn more about what they can do to make a better home environment for these much-loved animals.”

New Homes Week takes place every year and aims to showcase the benefits of buying a brand new home. To find out more visit the New Homes Week website and to find out more about David Wilson Homes visit www.dwh.co.uk

Pictured – David Wilson Homes’ hedgehog guide

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