Housebuilder finds dining rooms still focal point for families

Once thought of as declining in popularity, new research has revealed that the dining room is still an essential part of family life, according to the latest survey from David Wilson Homes.

The five-star housebuilder, who is bringing homes to the south and south west, conducted a survey to find out how often people use their dining room, and it appears that the vast majority of people still use this often-overlooked room of the house on a regular basis. In fact, more than half of all those who have a dining room use it every day (53 per cent).

The research found that while some people have found alternative uses for their dining room, including as an office or study (10 per cent), extra bedroom (two per cent) or a junk room (6 per cent), the overwhelming majority (75 per cent) continue to use it for its intended purpose, as a place to eat.

“It’s great to see that formal dining rooms are still a focal point of the family home,” said David Wilson Homes sales director, Michelle Storer. “Taking the time to sit down and enjoy a meal together can help unite families, strengthen relationships and create long-lasting memories.

“When we design our homes, we take great care to think about how individual rooms might be used, and separate dining rooms feature in a large number of our family home designs.”