Christmas tree

Fake Christmas: Brits confess to festive decorating fails

New research into Christmas trees reveals three times as many of us opt for an artificial tree rather than a real one

Admiral Home Insurance says millennials are more likely than any other generation to decorate a real tree during the festive period, while more men than women prefer the real  thing, and when it comes to location, Londoners are most likely to get a real tree than any other region in the UK.


When are we doing it?

While two thirds of us will deck the halls in the first (32 per cent) or second (31 per cent) week of December, some people are much keener, with 17 per cent of people admitting to putting up Christmas decorations before they even open the first door of their advent calendar.


Getting tangled up

Despite being an annual event over two thirds of Brits admit they’ve bought the wrong size tree for their home.

Having the wrong size tree could be a costly mistake, as Admiral reveals that 39 per cent of home insurance claims related to Christmas trees involve damaged TVs from positioning the festive fir.

When it comes to getting the lights right, a quarter of people don’t have the right number of lights for their tree and while almost a third of us manage to get the correct number of them, they usually find some aren’t working.

When it comes to baubles, 39 per cent of people say they always have too many, with festive ornaments leftover once the tree is decorated. Meanwhile, one in 10 people say they have the opposite problem, running out of baubles most years.

Admiral has teamed up with a Mathematician and bauble boffin from Cardiff University to create a handy tool to help you avoid this problem and get the right number of baubles and lights for your tree this year.


Arguing round the Christmas tree

While a third of us enjoy festive harmony when decorating the Christmas tree, a quarter of Brits admit to it causing arguments, with heated discussions over where to put the tree itself, where to place the decorations, which baubles are used, and people not pulling their weight.

It seems we’re a nation of control freaks when it comes to decorating with 41 per cent of Brits saying they decorate the tree by themselves. By comparison, 16 per cent leave it to their partner to do – with more men leaving it to their partners than women.

It seems decorating by yourself could save you from arguments, with 38 per cent of people saying having just one person in charge means they don’t argue over it.


Christmas Scrooge

Of the people who celebrate Christmas in the UK, eight per cent don’t put up any Christmas decorations.

The reason? A third of people simply don’t like them, while 15 per cent of people who don’t decorate think Christmas decorations are “tacky” so don’t put them up.

However, there are more practical reasons why some people don’t decorate for Christmas with over a quarter of people saying they don’t do it because they don’t spend Christmas at home and 1 in 9 people saying don’t have enough space for them.


Spreading the festive cheer

Despite the arguments, running out of baubles and not having enough lights, many Brits still want to share the festive cheer, with over three quarters of us sharing snaps of our Christmas trees on social media.