Saxon Gate

Barratt redesigns its homes for 2017

Housebuilder Barratt Homes has refreshed the designs of its homes to make them more efficient for modern living in 2017.

The first of the newly designed homes will be at Saxon Gate in Leonard Stanley with the new homes due to launch next month (July).

The new 2017 range of homes features improved storage throughout to give customers more usable space for bags and boxes. The floorplans have also been designed to ensure furniture fits more comfortably and that customers can move more easily around the home.

With space for growing families and friends so important, the new 2017 range of homes now have an excellent balance between accommodation and living space, so that the whole family can watch TV or fit around a dining table at the same time. The bedrooms too have all been designed with plenty of space for wardrobes and bedside tables.


Homes for modern living

The new 2017 range of homes all now feature well-proportioned windows to maximise natural light, cleaner roof lines, new brick bandings and front door surrounds, all of which add character and distinctiveness to the homes, making them more appealing.

This year Barratt Homes was awarded the maximum five star rating in the Home Builders Federation customer satisfaction survey 2017, making Barratt Homes the UK’s most recommended housebuilder.

Andrea Pilgrim from Barratt Homes said: “We have designed the new 2017 range of homes to make them even better to live in. There is more of a design focus on how they practically work as a home, with better storage, light and simpler lines. People can move around them more easily, with bags and clothing that can be comfortably stored. They are also simpler and quicker to build, meaning more customers can enjoy living in a five star home even sooner.”

For more information on these new types of Barratt homes, visit the Barratt Homes website