Working as Barratt Developments’ first marketing apprentice

During National Apprenticeship Week, the annual celebration of apprenticeships, we hear from Barney Munn, employed as Barratt Developments’ first marketing apprentice.


I joined the Exeter-based team, that looks after Barratt Homes and David Wilson Homes, last year and have recently been promoted to apprentice marketing executive.

As part of my role, I look after the Barratt website, maintaining plot listings, ensuring they’re all correct and up to date. This is my favourite part as it’s something that gives a very tangible result, and I can see everything I’ve done in one place. Being able to view the site online also has a big influence on the buying process, so I feel like I’m making a noticeable contribution to the marketing effort.

As this week is National Apprenticeship Week it’s a great opportunity for me to recommend the scheme. I’d say that they’re really worthwhile! I have been gaining real-world experience that will always be useful. I’ve already learned countless on-the-job marketing skills, something that I wouldn’t have learnt on a classroom-based course. Finally, not only have I saved the £9,000 a year that I could have spent on university, I have also been earning money while I work!

It’s been interesting seeing what my friends think about my route into the workplace but they’re all very jealous! Obviously going to university has its merits, but they’d love to be earning now rather than £9000 in debt!

And I’m delighted to say that I’ve now been promoted to marketing executive. Although I’m still working on similar tasks, I now have more responsibility and a greater workload, which keeps me busy and means I’m always challenged.

I can also influence our campaigns more, using my own ideas to try and improve our leads and help the department get more sales. It’s nice to think I’m successfully supporting the sales team and it’s great when I get positive feedback from them. I’m very happy.

Barney Munn, apprentice marketing executive, Barratt Developments.