Why my garden is so important this time of year?


With the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in full swing this week, it’s a good time to appreciate the benefits a garden can bring to all of us.

I love this time of year! The summer is nearly here, the days are longer and there is no need to just curl up in front of the TV of an evening. Rather than just retreating to the sofa after a day’s work, I can get outside and enjoy those light evenings.

Although a walk, or perhaps even a run (if I’m feeling energetic) are sometimes my evening activity of choice, there’s nothing I like better than spending some time in my garden. It’s where I can relax and enjoy some quality time with my family outdoors without having to leave the home.


A little bit of relaxation

With a 3-year-old to look after, along with working and housework, my day can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. If I can get outside in the garden after my daughter has gone to bed, I can close the door on the (often untidy) house, relax and recharge for the next day.


Easy play time

As anyone with small children to entertain knows, it is often hard to keep our little ones amused during the winter months. When the weather starts to improve, we can all get outside a little bit more. My husband, daughter and I can easily fill a weekend in the garden with a paddling pool and a few toys. Life seems just that little bit easier.


A spot of gardening

I wouldn’t be described as having ‘green-fingers’ (especially on the scale of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show) but, at this time of year, the weather brings the gardener out in me! With a bit of warmth and sunshine added into the mix, I’m suddenly happy to be outside planting and weeding. It’s also a lovely achievement when I can enjoy the colours that my hard work can bring.


If, like me, you love spending time in your garden, you’ll also love this time of year. Let’s wish for a long, hot summer (with a little bit of rain for the garden of course).


Hannah Drinkwater