The top five houseplants to see you through winter

It’s official – winter is on its way. And after perhaps the longest summer we can remember, it’s time to hang up our gardening gloves and investigate how we can bring the outside in during the colder months.

If you are the green fingered type, and you don’t want to rely on the odd Poinsettia to add a touch of life into your abode, check out our top five houseplants that will see you right through until next spring.


Commonly known as the Peace Lily, the Spathiphyllum needs low lighting and is a long-time favourite for it’s cleaning properties. The tropical plant, which is native to the tropical regions of the Americas and south-eastern Asia, breaks down and neutralises toxic gasses, leaving the air in your home clean and fresh.


ZZ Plant

Hardy in winter and simple to care for, the ZZ Plant loves the low light. What’s more, this attractive plant has a natural shine to its leaves, which reflects sunlight and brightens your room.

ZZ Plant

Jacobaea Maritima

More commonly known as Dusty Miller, this silver foliaged plant looks straight from a winter wonderland and is perfect as an accent in winter planters. Ensure that you move your plant to receive full sun and keep well drained.

Jacobaea maritima


AKA the Christmas Cactus, called so because they flower from late November to late January.  But did you know a cactus is for life, not just for Christmas? According to the Royal Horticultural Society, you can place these pretty plants outside, which will help ripen new growth and encourages flowering.

Christmas cactus


If you dream of more exotic climes over winter, why not get tropical with your home décor by choosing a Hippeastrum houseplant. This beautiful and bright plant is best planted October-January. Once in flower, it is best to pop the plant in a cooler spot (about 15-18C), perfect for when the temperatures start to drop.




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