Switch Off Fortnight…is your home doing its bit for the environment?

It’s Switch Off Fortnight – a national campaign designed to encourage people across the UK to save energy.

And it all makes perfect sense. Conserving energy – particularly in your own home – is better for the environment and definitely better for your bank balance.

If you have a new-build home, keeping cosy is easy. In fact, our homes could be up to 55% more energy efficient than an upgraded Victorian home. We use smart techniques when we build – like airtight doors, insulated roofs and special double-glazing to make sure draughts won’t cause winter chills.

In new-build homes, walls are everything when it comes to keeping the heat in and the cold out. We create external cavity walls using the latest insulation – incorporating heat-reflective low emissive technology. In stark contrast, the design of many walls constructed during the 1980s helps damp flourish, and lets twice as much warm air escape.

It’s true, period properties are crammed full of character and they really are attractive to look at – but they can struggle to stay warm when temperatures start to drop. And that’s not good for those living in them, or for the environment as a whole.

Common issues to look out for when you’re considering moving into a period home might include the absence of double-glazing, a lack of wall insulation, old boilers, damp and draughts. All of these elements could mean bigger heating bills or a colder you.

Switch off Fortnight is a serious initiative and a worthy one. We all want to help create an environment in which future generations can thrive – and saving the energy we as individuals use is a useful start. It all starts in the home, and that’s why housebuilders like Barratt place so much emphasis on creating high quality and energy efficient homes that are built in a sustainable and responsible way.

Let’s face it, a warm home is a happy one. And if you can achieve that whilst going easy on the environment, you can have the best of both worlds. So close that front door, kick off those shoes and enjoy it…

Alyson Marlow, Daily Property News


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