Spring cleaning your home: the main tasks that make a big difference

Although we’re currently still feeling the bite of winter, spring is just around the corner and so is the annual ‘spring cleaning’ season.

Even if you don’t make a specific effort to ‘spring clean’ as such, there’s nothing like a good freshen up of your home after a long winter inside.

To help with the procrastination that may come with the thought of having to deep clean your whole house, I’ve put together a few tips to make sure you’ve got the important stuff covered.


Declutter first

Try and clear out the clutter around your home before any cleaning starts. Your home will immediately feel tidier and it will be a lot easier to clean if you’re not having to work around unnecessary stuff! A good rule to follow is that if you haven’t used something in the last six months, you don’t need it.


Deep clean those carpets

A good clean of all the carpets will really brighten up your home. Move all your furniture out and get cleaning. You’ll be surprised how much dirt, dust and hair builds up over a few months. You might even decide to have a move around of your furniture for a new look.


Make your windows sparkle

It’s only when the sun starts to creep into our homes, that we realise just how much are windows are in need of a clean. Get yourself a sponge, a bucket filled with warm water and vinegar/glass-cleaning solution, and a squeegee and get those windows sparkling clean.


Clean your oven

Cleaning the oven is a time-intensive task and one that fills many of us with dread. In order to keep it hygienic however, it’s essential, so the annual ‘spring clean’ is a good time to tick this off the list. And, if you’d rather avoid it altogether, there are a number of professional oven cleaners that can be called upon too help out.


Freshen up your fridge

Cleaning the fridge is a job that in reality should be done more than once a year, but the spring clean is a good time to tick this off again. Get everything out (including those bits of food that may have been left in there just a little too long) and get the fridge back to its spotless best. Most of the drawers and shelves can be detached and washed in a sink with hot water and washing-up liquid and you can lean in and wipe the rest with a cloth.


Now there’s obviously a lot more that can be accomplished during the annual spring clean, but by ticking these main tasks off, you can feel like you’ve attacked the jobs that often get left on a week-by-week basis.

I’m looking forward to getting my home ship-shape for spring!

Hannah Drinkwater