Southampton – giving me the best of city, beach and country


I moved to Southampton seven years ago to set up home with my now husband, and I can honestly say that it’s a great city for us to live and work in (among the top three in the UK, according to The Good Growth for Cities Index). With a city that’s being transformed by the day, and easy access to the country, I think it’s the perfect location to set up home.


A vibrant city with recent and upcoming development

In the last few years £1.6 billion has been spent on the city’s development, with the introduction of a Cultural Centre and £70 million leisure complex with new shops, cafes, restaurants and luxury cinema, and there is also more development in the pipeline. This is a great economic boost for the city and for me personally, it means I’m never far away from a good day/night out!


Close to unspoilt countryside

On the other hand, and because I don’t always want to be out in town, Southampton is also close to some of the best countryside that the south has to offer. With The New Forest National Park, just around the corner, my family and I can easily don our walking boots or get on our bikes and enjoy the miles of unspoilt woodland. There’s nothing better than getting outdoors at the weekend.


Never far away from sandcastles and ice cream

With Bournemouth, and its seven miles of award-winning beaches, only 45 minutes away, the seaside is also within easy reach. This is especially exciting for my daughter as the sandcastles and ice cream are not far away! And for my husband and I, anything that can give us an inexpensive family day out close to home, is a real bonus.


A forever home

So, although my move to Southampton was initially out of consequence and not choice specifically, I am so glad it’s now my home. It gives me the best of all worlds and, with my daughter starting her school experience here very soon, I’m pretty sure it will be my ‘forever’ home.


Hannah Drinkwater