Recycled furniture – revamping your home the eco-friendly way

Have you ever wanted to give your home a lift, without breaking the bank and without the need to purchase more and more new ‘stuff’? I have. And the perfect way around this is to recycle old furniture, either by upcycling what you already have, or by providing a new home for second-hand furniture that someone no longer needs/wants.

To consider environmental issues, we all know that there is a lot we could be doing – recycle where we can, conserve energy in our homes, and buy items with recycled/recyclable packaging that have wasted as little fuel as possible, and created the least amount of carbon emissions getting to us. This is all well and good but is easy to neglect in our every day lives, especially when we are also looking for convenience.

I, therefore, have made a concerted effort to either revamp the furniture I already own (with a lick of paint or with a change of fabric), or to buy second-hand. I can then be sure that my home is not only completely ‘unique’, but also that I will be playing my (if very small) part in saving the planet. It’s a win, win!

By recycling, we are making good use of something that may have been thrown away forever, something that is often perfectly usable but that is just no longer wanted.

It’s something I think we can all bear in mind when furnishing our homes.

I was very happy to see that local housebuilder, Barratt Homes, for example, has demonstrated its commitment to the local environment recently, by recycling furniture for view homes at its developments in the region. What better way is there to pass this eco-friendly approach on than right at the beginning of the journey of owning a new home?

I for one, will be attempting to reduce my waste and excess purchases when it comes to furniture. I’m also looking forward to searching out exciting preloved items as well as giving a new lease of life to those items that have already been with me for years!


Hannah Drinkwater