Bonfire night – perfect for an evening out with the neighbours

Remember, remember the fifth of November – yes that time of year may have come and gone again, but for the rest of the week my local area still has a number of bonfire events to enjoy.

With this in mind, I’m going to rally round my friends and family, wrap up warm and head out to our nearest event. This is one of the few times of year that we get to spend time together, as well as see some familiar faces from our local community. There is no question about it – I absolutely love it!

In today’s world, we are so busy rushing about our day-to-day lives that spending time with our neighbours is a chance we rarely get. That’s why attending these local events is crucial to keeping community spirit alive and well in this fast-paced age.

My family and I will be heading out at the end of the week to visit our local fireworks show, along with many of the families that live on our street. Armed with flasks of hot tea, we’ll be stood in the local park ‘oohing’ and ‘ahhing’ at the spectacular display while my four-year-old daughter undoubtedly covers her ears to hide from the noise. Dinner will be a hot dog, fresh from the catering van, which will be eaten haphazardly while wearing thick woolly gloves. Bliss!

On our rare days off, we often head further afield for a day out, so the yearly fireworks evening is the perfect opportunity to enjoy some home comforts with your nearest and dearest. Or, if the cold isn’t for you, why not invite the neighbours around and enjoy the fireworks from the warmth of your own home? Mulled wine optional!

Hannah Drinkwater