Behind the HBF Star rating for housebuilders

The HBF Star Rating Scheme awards builders stars for customer satisfaction.  The number of stars awarded is based on the homeowner feedback in an independent National New Homes Survey of customer satisfaction.

The survey is designed to provide home buyers with information about home builders to help guide their purchasing decision, and to encourage excellent levels of service to be delivered by home builders.

The latest survey is the 12th and since its launch more than half a million survey returns have been received making it one of the most comprehensive continuous industry research exercises in the country.

Of the 90,501 questionnaires sent, 52,290 were returned, a response rate of 58% – an outstanding response to a hybrid email and postal survey, compared to other consumer surveys.

Company star rating results awarded by HBF are allocated according to the proportion responding ‘Yes’ to the question ‘Would you recommend your builder to a friend?’

5 Star Rating 90%+
4 Star Rating 80% – 89.9%
3 Star Rating 70% – 79.9%
2 Star Rating 60% – 69.9%
1 Star Rating 50% – 59.9%

Since the survey was launched more than a decade ago, significant progress has been made by the industry such that scores in all question areas have improved significantly since the early years.

79% of buyers said that they were satisfied with the service provided during the buying process; 82% said they were satisfied with the handover process with 82% satisfied with the information provided by their builder on the day they moved in.

In terms of the design of their new home, 92% of buyers were satisfied with the internal design of their new home and 86% were satisfied with the design externally.

Raising customer satisfaction in a home building company, where each house or apartment is effectively a bespoke product built on location, requires commitment from everyone in the company, from senior management through to site sales and construction staff.

Every area of a business ultimately has an impact on the end product – and the results achieved – and the survey gives a clear demonstration of the industry’s determination to continue to improve what it provides for its customers.

Full details of this year’s survey are now available online.

Alyson Marlow

Daily Property News