A barbecue – taking us out of the kitchen and into the summer

It’s the time of year when we no longer must be confined to the kitchen to cook. It’s ‘summer barbecue’ time! And, as long as we have a summer of good weather ahead of us (here’s hoping), we still have many a barbecue opportunity to look forward to.

I don’t know about you, but a barbecue feels like a real treat. Not only can I get away from the ‘chore’ of the inside cooking, but for me, a barbecue is evocative of summer and happy times.

Although I have very clear memories of barbecues being served from under an umbrella, it has always been a happy occasion, one that has brought family and friends together. One that reminds me of sunshine and laughter. An overcooked, charcoaled sausage couldn’t even spoil it!

They are also extremely easy. For a large family get together, all you need is a bucket load of meat (veggie alternatives available), some bread, some salad, a few drinks, and you’re done! There’s no faff involved, once the meats are barbecued it’s basically a ‘serve yourself’ deal. Well, it is in my house anyway, and I love it! Why would I want to spend ages in the kitchen when I can be enjoying the summer with my friends and family over a barbecued treat?!

I am planning to get out of my kitchen and into the garden as much as possible over the next few months.

I imagine they’ll be many a barbecue party planned across the country this year, so let’s wish for some sunshine for them all. And if we can’t have sunshine, let’s just wish for a very large umbrella!


Hannah Drinkwater (a barbecue lover)